My name is Victoria Bruce, I am the director of nursing and operations at Bryan’s Green Care. My 10-year history of nursing prior to entering a career in cannabis and herbalism was primarily oncology. I was the sole nurse and managed a cancer center in a rural community for 8 years of my career. I learned early I had a passion for advocating for patients, utilizing all external resources available to support patients, lobbying for patient rights, and spreading awareness regarding our ever-changing medical field. I also serve as a board member on Light of Lea County, a non-profit created to assist cancer patients with basic financial needs during cancer treatment. Both positions humbled me and built an understanding of the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Through vigorous creation and trial and error, the team at Bryan’s has created a line of CBD products that are safe, dependable, organic, and intended for everyday life with the earth and all its earthlings in mind. We handcraft our products in small batches to promote quality control. We consider every ingredient we use and the impact and effect it has on people and the Earth. The ingredients are carefully chosen and studied. The plants work in synergy, providing powerful and effective plant medicine. Understanding and respecting plant medicine is an important part of making medicine. Side effects, potential overdoses, and contradictions with medications are prevalent concerns when teaching herbal medicines. Cannabis beautifully complements herbalism, and our passion to provide the best medicine completes the highest quality products.

Our mission continues by sustainably collecting only organic herbs, plants, and flowers to create unique recipes. Sustainably harvesting means harvesting what’s appropriate and plentiful, never endangering the remarkable medicines. We compost, recycle, and re-use wherever and whenever possible. We created oils bars at all our store locations which encourage customers to recycle product containers and bring them back cleaned and sterilized to refill at a discounted price. Customers are then able to customize organic essentials oils and blends to add to their favorite products. We collaborate, support, and utilize other small local businesses, it’s important to us and progresses the movement. As a nurse, I provide teaching regarding the administration of CBD products and other cannabis products, including THC, and manage consultations to answer specific questions. We are heavily involved in our local communities and bringing medicine and awareness to them.

Our company is veteran, minority woman-owned company based out of New Mexico. Our CEO, Roberta Vigil-Bruce, has worked hard to create a company that stands for the Earth and provides medicine and teaching to the people in it. Our company’s name is in honor of Bryan Grant Bruce. His fondness for life lives on through his family, who have all shaped the company we strive to be. We honor him with our brand and company so that his legacy of love and compassion can be shared with all. Peace and Love to ALL!

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