The most important part of choosing safe products for babies and children is ingredients, ingredients, ingredients! Preservatives, fragrances, and propylene are common ingredients in claimed natural baby skin care products. True natural salves have only ingredients you can pronounce and know. Essential oils should be the only aromatics scenting the products. Infants under the age 12 months should only use diluted essential oils of lavender and chamomile.

Healing salves may be used for bumps, bruises, scratches, sun burns, insect bites, pains especially growing pains, diaper rashes, and headaches. Bryan’s boo boo & bum salve is a great healing salve with organic ingredients gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin. Just because these products are gentle enough for a baby does not mean they are not fantastic for children and teens alike. It is like organic triple-antibiotic ointment. I have healed so many minor wounds with our healing calendula salve. Look for products like this at your local apothecary or order at Bryan’s online.

Natural pain salves commonly use a blend of essential oils or herbs that are not suitable for baby’s skin but amazing for relieving minor aches and pains, and I highly recommend these for children over 12 months old. I always keep handy a cannabis pain salve for sprains, strains, muscles soreness, arthritic pain, and chronic pain. They are also great for PMS symptoms and headaches. Simply apply salve to lower abdominal area for cramps or temporal forehead areas for headaches.


CBD is a powerful cannabinoid known for balancing, healing and relaxing. CBD oil can be used for growing pains, headaches, and to treat pain after a minor surgery or dental procedure. CBD may help children sleep and can be used in conjunction with melatonin. Children with autism and ADHD turn to CBD for the calming and relaxing effects. Hemp products also help manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Another great benefit of CBD is neuroprotection. Administer CBD oil daily to children and teens playing contact sports to protect their brains from CTE. Do not forget to check ingredients. I prefer a CBD oil suspended in coconut MCT oil related to the health benefits. Sugars, emulsifiers,  and preservatives are not necessary or recommended.

3. Unscented CBD Lotion

I love CBD lotions because they provide all the great benefits of CBD and put it into an everyday product.  A CBD lotion may help children with acne, dry skin, and/or eczema by decreasing irritation and inflammation. My children all have dry skin and eczema and protecting their skin in the winter months requires natural ingredients and hemp. Ensuring lotions are made without propylene glycol, fragrances, or other harsh ingredients is especially important when healing skin. Certain artificial ingredients delay healing or worsen skin symptoms.

4. Hemp Soap

I started making soap several years ago after reading the ingredient labels of body washes and some bar soaps. As mentioned above, my children suffer from eczema and I tried healing their skin for a year and a half with two different dermatologists, four different prescription steroid creams, and a dozen over the counter “eczema” lotions. Nothing worked, until I researched and took a holistic approach. I started buying or making soaps and lotions from organic ingredients only scented with essential oils. I additionally overhauled their diet, eliminating red dyes, processed foods, and an overabundance of dairy. It worked and the whole family has used hemp bar soap ever since. We absolutely love it and would never return to chemicals packaged in plastic.

5. CBD Face and Body Oil

The skin is the largest bodily system in the body and CBD protects and soothes the skin. Face and body oils are great way to apply this protection. Slather the baby up before or after bath time during dry seasons to protect the skin. Hard water and cold dry weather can dry and irritate the skin. Oil may simply be added to the bath water, just a 1-2 tablespoons is plenty to add moisture to skin. You can also apply oil directly to dry patches or problems areas.

Face oils are fantastic for calming acne prone teenage skin. I recommend a simple bar soap with tea tree essential, a refreshing rose water toner, and finally moisturize with a high dose CBD oil. This regimen is great for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is important teenagers follow a skin care regimen to heal acne. Hygiene, diet, and hormones all effect teen acne.

REMEMBER, the most important part of choosing healing skin care is ingredients. Chemicals may cause harm and worsen skin symptoms. Plant skin care is the purest skin care. Choose wisely.