5 Natural Hemp Products for Kids

1. CALENDULA BASED CBD SALVE or PAIN SALVE or BOTH!!! The most important part of choosing safe products for babies and children is ingredients, ingredients, ingredients! Preservatives, fragrances, and propylene are common ingredients in claimed natural baby skin care products. True natural salves have only ingredients you can pronounce and know. Essential oils should be […]

CBD and Sports: Do’s, Don’ts, and Everything in Between

There are sooooooo many articles, posts, blogs, and vlogs of anyone and everyone saying how cannabis has improved or bettered their workouts or competitions. Personally, I blaze every time I step foot on a golf course. For me, it helps for several different things; pain, anxiety, but most of all it just relaxes me. But […]

Cannabis & Parenting: Everything You Should Know About Medicating Children With Cannabis

At the hemp apothecary, we constantly receive questions regarding administering CBD to children for a multitude of reasons; ADHD, autism, seizure disorder, eczema, and acne are just a few. There is no doubt that cannabis is rightfully credited for numerous medicinal benefits, it only seems natural that parents may determine that medicinal cannabis promotes a […]

Skin Care & CBD

Let’s talk about CBD used in skincare. No question, CBD is everywhere, and as the trend grows so does the gimmicky bullshit. CBD and skincare, is this a fad or is CBD beneficial to the largest bodily system, the integumentary system, composed of skin, hair, nails, and sweat glands? For centuries humans have treated sickness […]

Choosing the right CBD company for you

With the popularity of CBD growing, companies are starting up everywhere. How do people know which CBD company is providing quality medicine? CBD companies aren’t regulated by the federal government, though, some states have regulations and guidelines in place to regulate the growing of hemp and the manufacturing of CBD products. Some states, even though […]