Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD show up on a drug screening of any type?

Our full-spectrum products carry trace amount of THC and may potentially be detected on drug screening. CBD isolate products contain no THC and will not be detected. Ask questions and find out what product you are taking or interested in taking.

What is the difference between Full Spectrum and Isolate?

Full-spectrum is a whole plant extract which includes CBD, other benegicial cannabinoids, plant’s flavonoids, sterols, omega fats, and lipids. The CBD concentration is between 60-90% depending on many variables. Full-spectrum is usually preferred in most cases to isolate. CBD isolate is 99% or higher CBD with no other components. People may choose CBD isolate because of its mild taste and there is no chance is detecting isolate on a drug screening.

Does CBD interact with any of my other medications?

No, CBD is not contraindicated with any prescription medications. Continued monitoring by physician and treatment plan is always recommended while on prescription medications. In other words, follow your doctor’s orders regarding medication.

Why does Bryan's Green Care not use one time use plastics?

Bryan’s Green Care has slowly eliminated one-time use plastics from their containers. We recycle, reuse, and compost whenever possible and appropriate. Plastics and micro-plastics are being continually dumped into the oceans. Creating inventive ways to waste less and reuse when possible is important to Bryan’s Green Care. We have started no waste oil bars at all our store locations, so customers may clean and sterilize our product container and bring them back to be refilled at a discounted price. Decreasing our carbon footprint while providing quality products is our mission.

Is CBD safe for children?

Yes. CBD is safe for children to consume. Many parents opt for CBD to treat their children’s ADHD or autism.

Do people need CBD if they're already taking THC?

Yes, even if you have a daily regimen of THC you can still benefit from CBD. Though most THC products
contain CBD, the percentage is only a fraction of the CBD in our products.