Endocannabinoid (ECS) system is the homeostasis or balancing system for all our other bodily systems.  The Endocannabinoid System is the largest receptor signaling system within the human body the ECS consists of receptors, such as CBR1 and CBR2 which are located throughout the body.  Humans naturally produce Endocannabinoid including Anandamide and 2-AG.  These endocannabinoids fit like “keys” in the endocannabinoid receptor “lock” and facilitates systematic balance within our body.  What happens if the body stops producing the Endocannabinoids needed to maintain balance? Then we need to supplement the body to help it work better.  Cannabinoids (CBD) is the perfect supplement for Endocannabinoid Deficiency

"How Do I Take CBD's?"

Inhalation Vape

The hemp oil of Pure CBD Vapors is perfect for use in e-cigarettes and is an excellent way to help all those who are trying to quit smoking. Its anti-anxiety properties will also ensure that you will be able to relax.


a food product that has been infused with CBD.


is a CBD oil that you put under your tongue and hold is for 30-60 seconds then swallow.


an ointment which can help control localized pain, spasms, and various skin conditions.

Cannabis compounds have biphasic properties, which means that low and high doses of the same substance can produce opposite effects. Small doses of cannabis tend to stimulate; large doses sedate.


There is no scientific information at this point that directs how much CBD you should take.  It’s important to know that CBD Hemp Oil products are, by FDA guidelines to be treated as food supplements.  The following chart is a good starting point.  One nice aspect of CBD is that, to date no one has reported that you can take too much.

CBD Dosage Chart

( X = Body Weight | Y = CBD Dose in mg )

  • Minimum CBD (mg)
  • Maximum CBD (mg)

Start with an amount you think is reasonable, knowing you can always increase or decrease until you find your “happy spot”


THC will get you high (assuming you consume enough of it) and CBD will not. THC has psychoactive properties that affect your brain and give you a ‘buzz’ while CBD does not.


CBD Pure Isolate – this is the purest form of CBD test at 99%. 

CBD Full Spectrum – Has approximately 70-77% CBD with CBD-A and CBG.

Terpenes are found in all organic plant forms and they are the building blocks for determining the smell or taste of the plant.

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