There are sooooooo many articles, posts, blogs, and vlogs of anyone and everyone saying how cannabis has improved or bettered their workouts or competitions. Personally, I blaze every time I step foot on a golf course. For me, it helps for several different things; pain, anxiety, but most of all it just relaxes me. But that’s just me personally. For someone who doesn’t medicate as frequently as I do, any THC consumption could inebriate them and cause them to perform poorly. CBD offers people a cannabis option that doesn’t produce any mind-altering or inebriating effects. So, what are these benefits? How can cannabis help you and your family?

“I think all athletes—whether they’re NFL or NBA pros or just serious athletes wanting to better their fitness—are learning about the therapeutic potential of this plant,” says Suzanne Sisley, M.D., an Arizona-based physician and psychiatrist affiliated with the advocacy group Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, who regularly treats pro athletes’ sports-related injuries. “Athletes are teaching each other how to do this. It’s like a peer-mentoring process.”

First and foremost, the most prolific benefit of cannabis would be its neuroprotectant qualities. The awful effects of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) have been noted and many studies have concluded to say that CBD coats the brain to protect it from the traumatic blows and even repairs damaged cells. Obviously, professional football is at the center of this issue, but research shows that CTE can even form early on in youth players. Boxers, hockey, and MMA also benefit from CBD’s neuroprotection. Protecting our kid’s brains young helps prevent depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse or misuse, and degenerative diseases like dementia when they are older. CBD isolate products have 0% THC and are completely safe for children to take. Full-spectrum oil contains trace amounts of CBD that are still safe for children and will not produce a head high. I would recommend either a CBD oil or CBD edible daily for children.

Pain and Inflammation are something ALL of us can relate to. Whether its arthritis, a serious injury, or just plain old soreness, CBD is a natural option for your body to heal and repair. Any athlete knows that vigorous training is going to cause aches and pains along the way. Over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen and acetaminophen have potential side effects involving your liver, kidney, and other internal organs. Prescription pain medications have many of the same side effects including potential addiction and dependence. CBD is a safe way of treating daily aches and pains without further damage.

“I had a bad experience with pain meds and was addicted like no one else. I mean, I was about as hooked as you could get,” Favre tells InsideHook. “I don’t want to take anything I can get addicted to and I don’t. When the product was presented to me, my first thought was, ‘Well, I don’t want to be involved in this.’ So I tried the product. It works and it’s non-THC, which is important. Some people probably could care less, but most probably are like me.” – Brett Favre

Pain can be categorized in several different ways. Acute pain is a broad term that ultimately describes a mild to severe pain that comes on suddenly and lasts anywhere from a few seconds to up to a couple of months. Chronic pain is pain that is ongoing and usually lasts longer than six months. This type of pain can continue even after the injury or illness that caused it has healed or gone away. Pain signals remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or years. Acute pain may be managed by CBD oil or edibles, possibly combined with topicals, depending on the type of injury or trauma. Traumas benefit from CBD because CBD promotes circulation and venous return which promotes healing. A CBD pain salve and/or a CBD salt soak will help with the inflammation caused by the injury. A patient may increase or decrease their dosage depending on the severity of the pain. A patient suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis or neuropathy, will treat their pain the same, but they might take theirs less frequently daily still increasing as needed according to their pain level. Lotions and salves would benefit these patients greatly because of the frequency of which they can use them. THC, if permitted, may also be incorporated into your medication regimen to control severe and/or chronic pain.

CBD oil is also used to calm nervousness and aide with sleeplessness. Both can be very important to active athletes. Many prescription medications that aide anxiety have a strong sedating effect that is contradicted for many. CBD oil may calm anxiousness without sedation and other unwanted side effects. CBD can even be taken prior to a competition or performance and tolerated with no unwanted side effects. For sleeplessness, CBD should be taken at bedtime to promote relaxation and prevent restlessness.

CBD is definitely a better functional approach to treating the source causing the pain and inflammation whereas opiates work by masking the pain. CBD oil taken sublingually is the most common and most precise way of daily dosing. Pain salves infused with CBD are highly effective with muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and nerve pain. Salves are safe for the whole family and are a great way of introducing people to cannabis products. Other products or forms may be used to pinpoint specific symptoms affecting the body or activity. Call any of our store locations to speak with a specialist about what cannabis product may be right for you.